The Flock Visits CineMark is the 3rd viral video involving movies. It was the first viral video to involve Bomb's rude humor, hence the MPAA rating's descriptor.

Plot Edit

Part 1 Edit

The video starts at the same movie place from the last 2 videos, except this time, it's named CineMark. The three birds, Red, Chuck and Bomb, are watching a movie, until Bomb's phone rings from under his seat. Both Red and Chuck get confused by this, but continue watching the movie. His phone rings the second time, both annoying the two, so they back up. By the final time his phone rings, both Red and Chuck think that Bomb had severe flatulence, so bomb shuts his phone off.

Part 2 Edit

After CineMark's information on the white screen, the scene cuts back to the three watching a movie. Although Bomb's real flatulence comes back, disgusting Red and Chuck, so they leave. Much to their dismay, Bomb brings up an iPad from under his seat, but also shuts it off to avoid being caught, especially if no one is there but the main characters. As the video ends, a message from the Angry Birds comes up telling the viewers to turn off their phone during the movie.

Trivia Edit

This is the first video to involve Bomb's flatulence.

The plot from AMC Video is different from this video. Both Red and Bomb switch roles in the video.