Chuck Visits Regal Cinemas is the 5th viral video of The Angry Birds Movie. As its name suggests, Chuck is visiting the theater.

Plot Edit

The video starts at Regal Cinemas, where Chuck is speeding towards the theater at the concession stand to look for a movie to watch. He thought about it for a second, and finally got it. Using the Crown Club card, he got five tickets, yellow, blue, pink, green and red. He goes to the yellow seating, and laughs. He also drinks his soda. At the blue seating, he covers his face behind the popcorn bag and peeks out, but the scary part causes him to scream. At the pink seating, Chuck has tears in his eyes and ends up crying. At the green seating, he wears 3-D glasses. At the red seating, he is disgusted by the bloody parts and is startled by the scary parts. The process goes on and on until he arrives from the seating, dizzy and falls down. His irises stop spinning and sees new movies. he has another Crown Club card. The viral video will now be repeated on loop.

Trivia/Things to Know Edit

All movies in Bird Island are Angry-Bird-ified.
5 tickets represent a genre. Yellow is comedy, Chuck is laughing out loud. Blue is horror, he screams in the scary parts. Pink is romance, he cries during the sad parts. Green is sci-fi, that's why he wears 3-D glasses. And red is war comedy. He both gets scared and the bloody parts get him disgusted.
In Bird Island, there's little to no audience. Chuck is the only one in the viral video.
This is the first time Chuck cries with tears. In the international trailer, he cries without tears.