The Angry Birds Movie VIRAL VIDEO - AMC Video (2016) - Animated Movie HD-0

The Angry Birds Movie VIRAL VIDEO - AMC Video (2016) - Animated Movie HD-0

The Angry Birds Movie AMC Viral Video

AMC Video is the 3rd viral Angry Birds video about seeing the movie The Angry Birds Movie.

Plot Edit

The video starts at Red's house where it was a boring day for Red, cooking some popcorn in the microwave, but it takes longer than usual. At the AMC Theaters concession stand, Bomb and Chuck are going to see the movie using an AMC Stubs card to buy food instantly, like gummy worms, popcorn, soda, etc. Back at Red's house, Red was sleeping in front of the microwave when suddenly, he hears a sound of the corn popping, which startles him. Still taking longer than usual, Red leans his head on the microwave. At the theater, Bomb and Chuck sat down on the seats to watch. Chuck sits on a short chair, while Bomb sits on a two-seater. Back at Red's house, a bored Red searches for The Angry Birds Movie, only to misspell the word "the". At the theater, Bomb and Chuck are excited for the action. Back at Red's house, he puts two empty spaces in, but it didn't work. He tries to change the word back the way it was, but it was loading really long. This aggravates him. Twitching his eye, he throws the remote at the TV, only to be caused by an explosion. Back at the theater, a black-faced Red sits on the short chair with a depressed expression. Bomb hands him his popcorn and soda, making Red feel a lot better...but he realized he missed the entire movie, causing Red to groan fiercely.

Trivia/Things to Know Edit

If you look closely at the posters behind Bomb and Chuck, they read "Straight Outta Bird Island, Dallas Flying Club and Inside Snout.

Straight Outta Bird Island is a parody of Straight Outta Compton, an R-rated film starring five rappers.
Dallas Flying Club is a parody of Dallas Buyers Club, a really sad western movie. Also rated R.
Inside Snout is a parody of Inside Out, a PG rated film that stars all emotions. If you look closely, the context reads "A Disney/Pigxar Film".